I hope that you will find this information useful when planning one of the most memorable days of your life, your wedding day. Weddings are very special and the ceremony that you choose, be it formal and classical or informal and funny, will reflect the bond that you share and your own personalities and characters. It shows what makes you the loving couple you are and how you have arrived at this point in time.

Planning your Wedding Ceremony

My fee for your wedding includes:

  • My professional services as a registered and experienced celebrant who is sensitive to your needs 
  • Meetings and ongoing communication with you as needed over a period of time
  • A full range of options  presented and discussed to make for a truly personalised and happy occasion reflecting you as a couple 
  • Designing and drafting of a ceremony for your consideration and approval 
  • Completion, witnessing and lodgement of all legal documents according to Australian law
  • Optional wedding rehearsal (recommended)
  • Provision of a high quality portable PA system so that the ceremony is audible to all guests (and it can be used to play music for the entrance, signing, departure etc, as well as for voice amplification) 
  • Conducting the solemnisation ceremony on the wedding day
  • Liaison with photographer as necessary
  • Provision of signing table and chairs, and tablecloth if required 
  • Providing you with a commemorative copy of your marriage certificate and wedding ceremony 
  • Checking the placement of chairs, table and flowers, other props, etc
  • Forwarding the Marriage Documentation to Birth, Deaths and Marriages for registration

Here is an overview of the usual stages in the lead up to your wedding …..

Step One

  • Contact me to arrange a meeting and to my check my availability for your proposed wedding day. I will then give you a quote.
  • Given your circumstances, I will advise what other documents to bring to the meeting as we will need to fill out some paperwork

Step Two

  •  We will fill out the Notice of Intended Marriage Form (NOIM) together and you can lodge it with me. This form must be lodged with me at least a month prior to your wedding
  •  We will confirm the wedding details i.e. date, time and venue. Bring documents as discussed on the phone e.g. birth certificate, passport, photo i.d.,other documents as relevant. Your wedding ceremony can take place anywhere: a garden, a park, the beach, or a function venue. The choice is yours, however, keep in mind an alternative venue in case of inclement weather on the day. I am happy to solemnise your marriage wherever you wish as I am quite an adventurous person!
  •  After the documentation is completed, I will help you design the ceremony of your choice. I will show you some templates from previous weddings and discuss options. I can suggest poetry, music, other rituals that can add something special to your day. There are certain lawful sections that I must say during the ceremony but there are lots of scope to personalise things just the way you would like. We will chat about whether a PA is necessary, signing table etc. You might like to think about people close to you and if you would like to include in the ceremony in some way. You may like to write your own vows or you may like some help with that from me. Ether way is fine. I will draft a preliminary text and send it to you for your approval.
  •  Have a think about 2 people over the age of 18 who you would like to be to be your witnesses
  •  We can discuss the "stagecraft " of the ceremony and how it will flow
  •  Pay the non refundable booking fee to secure the date and sign a booking form with me.

 Stage Three (ideally a week or so before the wedding)

  •  We can email each other back and forward until you are happy with the way the ceremony reads and confirm the final draft of your wedding ceremony.
  •  You will need to sign a declaration stating that there is no reason that you know of why the marriage cannot take place. No marriage ceremony can be performed without this formality being completed. The declaration will be forwarded, with your other documents and certificates, to the Registry of Births, Death and Marriages after the marriage.
  •  Re-confirm the wedding details — time, date, venue address and parking arrangements.
  •  Confirm table and chairs for the signing of the documents.
  •  Confirm the names of the witnesses.
  •  Confirm if  rehearsal is required
  •  Confirm the need for a PA system and what music will be needed in what order.
  •  Balance of the agreed fee  is required within 2 weeks  prior to the ceremony.

Step Four (usually the day before the wedding)

  •   Attend rehearsal, if one is required. Sort out stagecraft, music, use of microphones etc.
  •   Any last minute questions???

Step Five....The Big Day!!

  •  I will be at the ceremony site at least 30 minutes prior to the set time for set- up, to meet with any one who needs to talk to me (i.e. if someone hasn't made it to a rehearsal or if someone is helping with music etc)
  •  Ceremony takes place! Congratulations and Celebrations!

After the ceremony…

  •     You will receive your signed Ceremonial Marriage Certificate.
  •     I will provide you with a commemorative copy of your wedding ceremony.
  •     I may seek your comments via email for feedback after a few weeks.


If you would like to talk to me about conducting  your wedding and would like a quote , please message me on the contact page.